Hopkins & Chargers D for Michael Thomas & Rashaad Penny?

I was offered a trade in a 1/2 PPR 12 team league to receive Michael Thomas and Rashaad Penny for DeAndre Hopkins and Chargers DST. Do I take this?

My RBs are Melvin Gordon, Royce Freeman, Marlon Mack and Aaron Jones.

My WRs are DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Allen Hurns and Keelan Cole.



Mt side wins. I view MT and Hopkins as pretty close TBH and chargers D is basically meaningless to me.

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With expected negative regression for Hopkins and Watson, and expected positive regression for thomas and brees o would say they are even. Would you trade chargers D for penny? I hope so because I would.

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Thanks for the affirmation gents! I was leaning that way too.

How did you end up with Hopkins, Allen and Gordon on the same roster?

Traded up AP and Kerryon Johnson for Adam Thielen to a desperate team that took zero RB strategy too far. Then flipped Thielen and Crowell into Keenan Allen to the other person who went zero RB as well. I drafted Gordon and Hopkins at the 1.12 and 2.01.

Well played.