Hopkins for Ajayi & Benjamin or Hopkins for Kamara

Full PPR and my roster is:

My Rb: Bell, Damian Williams, Marlon Mack, Smallwood
WR: Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Hopkins, Juju, Pryor

The Kamara owner also has Ingram and Chris Thompson.

Which one would help me out the most?

This might not help you too much, but I like both trade offers. It seems that offer #1(Ajayi and Benjamin) would help your squad the most, but I really like the Kamara offer(he’s a stud)

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I like them both too, but I’d go for the known factor - Kamara. He is a stud for sure. Ajayi and Benjamin are too unknown in their new roles right now. They could be great…or they could suck.

I would keep hopkins. Both of your receivers are question marks going forward but hopkins is getting the lions share so far. However you should consider keeping ajayi. Unless you have a lot of depth at wr I wouldn’t trade because ajayi will be a beast rest of season and has good match ups too.

The Ajayi and Benjamin owner returned with

Hopkins and Jared Cook for Ajayi, Benjamin, and Hunter Henry.

I already have Evan Engram as my starting TE. However, I don’t know if I want to give up Jared Cook in this trade since he has been a monster as of late.

His other players are:
RB: McKinnon, Martin, Collins, Booker, Gordon, Montgomery
WR: Matthews, Fuller, Jeffery

so maybe I can do another trade?

drop the Terelle Pryor landmine and see if anyone will bite/give up a bench player haha