Hopkins for Bell blockbuster

I give Hopkins and Kerryon
I get Bell and Hilton

Half PPR

My Team
RB: Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Singletary, Peterson
WR: Hopkins, A.Robinson, Fuller, G.Tate, Shepherd, Kirk

Do I make this trade?

I think you do it. im trying to buy Bell myself. Bell>Kerryon, and Hopkins probably slightly greater than TY the rest of the year. depending on Singletary and Montgomery this week you could sell on them too to pick up a different receiver to bolster that

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I’m leaning this way as well. Ideally I would like to keep Kerryon, but doesn’t seem the owner was interested in 1 for 1

Would you trade Hopkins and Montgomery for Mack and Hilton?

Yes. I think the different between Mack and Montgomery is bigger than hopkins/hilton