Hopkins for Brown and Fitz

Someone’s offering me AB and Fitz for Hopkins.

Is there something I’m missing

Why would someone be jumpin ship on AB

(1/2 ppr) 10 team.

I would take that trade and never look back. I’d give up Hopkins for AB one to one.

They may just be concerned with these reports of AB dealing with calf injury (same one from last year). So that is part of the risk.

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I’d take it, owner is probably freaked at Larry with Sam Bradford and doesnt value AB high enough

I took the trade. Just pretty wild that AB is being offered up.

I’m not too high on Fitz. Him and Sam haven’t been clicking at all.

Bradford is about to be relegated to the bench. I want to see what Rosen can do. Definitely can’t be worse that sammy biscuits. The dude genuinely looks like he doesn’t care, kind like cutler.

He’s been injured his entire career. It has to take a toll on you mentally.

Rosen definitely can’t be worse than Sam. Hah