Hopkins for Chubb straight up?

Just got offered Hopkins for my Chubb straight up. I say no but I could use some depth at wr especially with Julio and woods on by this upcoming week. My rbs are Carson, Chubb, Coleman, Montgomery and miles sanders

I’d bite. The Brown are kind of a mess, and even tho Chubb is producing, having Julio + DHop is killer. Carson is a beast, Coleman is really coming alive, and Monty may have his time finally it looks like.

Plus Hunt returns and that will likely dig into Chubbs workload

Who are your WRs?

Unless it’s a tragic situation Ride Chubb and Carson into the playoffs

My wr are Julio, woods, Robby anderson, golden Tate and Corey Davis. That’s why I’d consider it but I’d like to get a rb in return but he doesn’t have much last Aaron Jones and I’d have to give up too much for that

I’m on the other side of this, thinking of offering my Hopkins for Chubb

It is very tempting. I’ve been dealing with like 7 trade offers tonight and that is the most reasonable so far