Hopkins for Cooper and Hines

10 team half ppr.

Got offered Hopkins for Cooper and Hines… do I take it? I think yes

QB: Kyler Murray
RB: Henry, Mixon, Hines, Montgomery, Gibson
WR: Golladay, Cooper, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Deebo

I think this is a good deal for me? I drafted Hines with my last pick

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I honestly love Hopkins this year and I love QB WR stacks even more, their is so many options in Dallas that i dont see Cooper having a year like Hopkins and Taylor looks like he could be a beast this year and that might hurt Hines value. I would take the trade you are getting a guy that just gets feed passes.

What about Mixon for Hopkins 1 for 1?

depending on what kind of starting lineup you have to start, because trading Mixon away leaves your RBs a little weak and you would have 5 starting WRs. Personally i like the Cooper Hines trade a bit more, but the final decision is up to you.

It does, but I can start 4 WRs in my format.

He’s starting to get cold feet… Do you think Hines-Golladay instead is still worth it? It feels like it could be just considering Hines cost me nothing

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I would do Golladay and Hines for Hopkins 100% Hopkins is Kylers clear favorite and is an upgrade from Golladay

If you can’t get Cooper Hines done and it takes Golladay instead, I’d still do it. I’ve been in on Hopkins this year while a lot of people or down. To me he is a clear upstage from Golladay.


I’d prefer to give Cooper only because I feel Golladay would have gotten and come down with most of those targets Stafford was spreading around.

Then again, Cooper had a decent game against a good corner… so his ceiling could be good too and maybe he and Golladay are more interchangeable than I think. Especially if Golladays injury persists.

Will Hines turn into an Ekeler this year with Rivers?

I get Mixon had a down week… but you’re already valuing a 1st/2nd round pick less than a pure PPR back? Crazy world. Give me all your Joe Mixon straight up for Hines :joy:

I have both mixon and Hines… the trade is for hopkins

I misread what the original trade was.

I would do that instantly.

I am not a Cooper guy to begin with but Lamb and Gallup are very good. I like Golladay just fine but he’s no Hopkins. Hines looked good but if I could capitalize on a single game I would. Hopkins is the best player in the trade IMHO, so I’d take that.