Hopkins for David Johnson

I need another RB have Hunt, Tevin Coleman and Jalen Richard. WR’s are Julio, Hopkins, Adams, Golladay. Got offered DJ for Hopkins. Hesitant to accept that because of the inconsistency and he won’t go for Golladay and someone. What’s everyone think?

Forgot. Also have Robert Woods so WR is stacked only reason I’m considering it @MikeMeUpp whatcha think?

Woods or Golladay for DJ makes sense but Hopkins is to much I think

@Dingus I think so too. Think Woods is too much as well. I tried Golladay and it was shut down then tried Golladay and Chris Thompson still no go

@Dingus @MikeMeUpp he countered with DJ and Crabtree for Hopkins. More legit?

No… Hopkins is way more consistent than DJ and plays on a better offence… Its not worth it… I agree woods is still a little more than I would like to pay but if you really want DJ thats the most I would pay up given your WR depth… Even then Im not sure I would do it

DJ for hopkins is a joke. I wouldn’t even respond to that.

DJ + Crabtree for Hopkins is also a joke. Pull that trade off the table. Crabtree is trash.

If you’re giving up Nuk, you should be getting back mid RB1 at a minimum. I.e. Mixon. I wouldn’t even give Nuk just for Mixon. They would need to give me something on top.

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Would u give Hopkins for thielen

No. But I might be in minority there.

I’m trying to trade for thielen but the guy wants at least Hopkins (notice “at least,” I think he actually wants more considering how thielen has played)… should I go for Diggs instead at a cheaper price? Not sure why Diggs has been playing less good…

Also since this is going off topic abit I’ll reel it back… what is comparable value to Hopkins?

Diggs is a fine buy.

I mean thielen is good cause Diggs draws top tier coverage.

Hopkins right now is the WR2/3 for me. Neck to Neck with MT. So that’s how I value him.