Hopkins for Jones?

Full PPR. 3 player keeper league, would you trade away Hopkins, Hunt and Goedert for Aaron Jones, woods and a 2021 2nd round pick? Doesn’t look like I’ll be making playoffs this year so I’m starting to look at building for next year and starting my draft with two top RBs seems pretty good.

Yeah I would. Building a team around CMC and Aaron Jones is pretty solid. I’d look to make another trade for a better 3rd keeper if you could

Thanks that what I was thinking because right now my 3rd keeper would be like Fant in the 11th. Do you think Zeke will come back to form next season because I could look at doing a similar trade for Zeke?

I would definitely make a move for zeke. You can get him on the cheap right now and then you start next year with CMC, zeke, jones - that’s unbeatable

Never mind lol I wouldn’t be able to do Zeke. He would be a first round keeper and I’m already going to keep cmc. It would be nice to start a draft cmc. Zeke and jones