Hopkins for Juju or Adams + lewis?

Standard 10-team league
I have: davante adams and juju smith-schuster, they both are on bye week 7
My league mate has: deandre hopkins and steffon diggs, they both are on bye week 10

I feel like a trade here would benefit both of us because of the byes.

I have to choose between giving up davante adams or juju(just traded for him), but i feel adams is a better option rest of reason… I dont feel great about juju for diggs, for me juju has bigger upside.
Im wanting to offer
Juju + dion lewis or Juju + kerryon

Do you guys think is fair?
My team rn has: gurley, conner, cmc, kerryon and lewis. adams, juju, lockett and cooper

I don’t know if he would accept Juju and Lewis, but maybe Kerryon if he buys into the talent. I would do this since Gurley and CMC are your weekly starter anyways.

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Probably not for me. Nuk is still a top 4 WR.

As much as I love Kerryon, lions coaching are morons and seem hellbent on playing inferior talent.

And as much as I love Juju, he’s not in the same tier for me as Nuk.


My hope is that he just lost ajayi, so maybe he is going to need kerryon.

But if hes not into it, would you guys trade juju for diggs?

I personally don’t think I would. it’s a pretty lateral move in my opinion, and a lateral move that is risky with Diggs injury history.

Yeah, im going to try trading with other owners first. Probably post another topic later about another trade haha
Thanks for the help fellas

I have Diggs ranked as higher than JuJu so yes I would make that trade. As the season progresses and AB/Ben connect more, i expect more of a shift towards AB as well. JuJu will still be a stud, but I think we have yet to see the best of diggs and I think Diggs has a higher ceiling than Juju. Diggs has been overshadowed given how awesome Thielen has been but I think I stick by my pre-season assessment of diggs as a bonified stud.

He definitely has lower floor than Thielen and argulably lower floor than thielen, but his ceiling is higher than both. Especially as they get him more involved in the redzone going forward.

However, I wouldn’t hate or argue with you if you preferred to keep JuJu over him.

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Thanks man, for me juju and diggs are reeeally similar, and this makes wanna keep juju because i just traded for him haha but i like your argument. I have some trades im trying to do, if i cant manage them, then i will most likely do the juju for diggs, so i can avoid losing in week 7 lol
The trades i have tried so far:
1 - Juju + Cooper for Landry + Boyd
2 - Adams + Cooper(or lockett) for Keenan Allen and brandin cooks (this one is an absolute reach, probably not going to happen, but maybe keenan’s owner is disappointed at him…

I view this as more lateral than JuJu + Diggs. And I’m pretty damn high on Landry given the matchups coming up. But I have diggs above landry by a decent margin. Diggs right now is WR7 and that’s without him scoring a TD in last 3 games. TDs are his strength, fully expect that to come back.

Agree with you. This is a huge reach. Allen and Cooks are both WR1s in my eyes barring injury. Doesn’t hurt to try I guess with Adams coming off his best game ever.

Thats whats getting me… With Thielen and rudolph there to steal his tds and dalvin cook coming back, diggs ceiling feels not that high, but im getting torn by your arguments, your making me want to go for diggs hahaha. Maybe im too high on landry, mayfield’s hype + the matchups are making me really like landry rn, and i know his owner is also really high on him… Let’s see how it goes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Landry. He’s a top trade target of mine. But I don’t have him in same tier as Diggs. Landry def doesn’t have the same TD upside. Also, I love Mayfield, absolutely love him. But browns aren’t going to force a rookie to go out and throw the ball 50 times a game. Browns D is low key the best D in the NFL, IMO so they can rely on their run game which has been very effective as well.

Thielen is not a red zone weapon. He’s not that good in a red zone. I think he has 1 redzone target so far. His other TDs came from longer catch and runs. Rudolph will always vulture a few but it was the same last year. Cook will get rushing attempts but I don’t think that impacts diggs a tonne. In the redzone. Diggs is their best weapon by far and they will use him. Look for positive TD regression. Week 2 is the type of ceiling you can expect from Diggs.

And honestly, in the rams game, he was maybe 1 inch away from another 50 yard bomb from Cousins. I believe it was shields who made an absolutely incredible recovery to bat the ball away with his finger tips. Otherwise, we’d be talking about diggs finishing as a top 5 WR right now. Diggs is one of the best route runners in the league but can blow the lid off a D.

Im still trying to trade one big name, but i told my friends i was shopping lockett and someone offered me enunwa for him. I should take it, right? Trade Tyler Lockett for Quincy Enunwa?

Before last night, I would’ve said yes, mortal lock.

But I think Enunwa is dealing with a hand injury and Lockett is actually taking significant snaps out of the slot over baldwin. They seem to be using him as the deep threat over Baldwin now as well which is a bit concerning.

If its a full ppr league, I’d still take Enunwa, assuming his hand is okay. But in half ppr formats, might be a bit more even exchange.

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Its a standard league. My real issue are the bye weeks. Right now my 4 wrs have a week 7 bye… He would be on my bench for the rest of the weeks.
I kinda have to trade lockett anyway, because no one wants amari pooper right now. Can i get some better value for lockett? like an WR better the enunwa?