Hopkins for Mack? Am I crazy?

Would you trade Hopkins for Mack 1 for 1 in half PPR? Am I tilting? I’m barely 3-3

My team:
RB: Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Singletary
WR: Hopkins, A.Robinson, Crowder, Kirk, G.Tate, Shepherd

No, that would be a mistake

Agreed. Mistake. You don’t need mack. Hold hopkins

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I just feel pretty thin at RB (not very comfortable playing Montgomery or Singletary yet, even as a flex) and the rest of my receivers are putting up similar points to Hopkins at this point.

I get that they don’t have the same potential as Hopkins of course. My thinking however is that ill have 3 strong every game starts at RB (all top 15) and then I could play the matchups with my WRs since I have so many of them.

Bad idea? This same owner has Bell and Fournette as well and I have been trying to get either one of those guys instead, but they seem more willing to move Mack instead.

You’d be even thinner at WR in my opinion. You’d be starting almost certain WR2/3 remainder of season. Hopkins so far has been the same but I think he turns it around.

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They’re more willing to move Mack because they’d be killing you in the trade if they get Hopkins for Mack