Hopkins/Fournette/trey burton for zeke/gronk full ppr

I would be giving away gronk/zeke.
What do you guys think about this trade kittle is also on the waiver wire and of course I would have to drop someone.

Jay ajayi
dion lewis
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Cory Clement

Quincy Enunwa
Larry Fitz
Doug B
Devin Funchess
John Brown


Take Hopkins, Fournette & Burton. Get a top 10 player at three different positions in exchange for a top 3 player at two positions. Hmmm


It is a close one

what do you guys think about this trade.

I would take it.

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i like the hopkins fournette side

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I’m still debating this trade. What some more opinions on it. Any difference with fournette’s situation now?

I’d take the Gronk/Zeke side

The guy has also offered yeldon just thrown in but then i would have to drop someone else of course.

I love Hopkins Fournette Yeldon and Burton. You can drop Funchess.

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i almost want to drop baldwin over funchess

the guy is very WR heavy he has michel thomas obj and hopkins i’ve been trying to get thomas out of him but he wont give.

I would do it. You get to pair Julio and Hopkins and then play the matchups with your other RBs. Especially if Kerryon pops.

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who would you suggest to drop?

I would drop funchess or clement personally. I know you have Ajayi but with all the other RB you have I don’t know if you have to hold clement. I like Baldwin better than funchess though

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thanks about to do it I guess.