Hopkins in the 2nd or Chubb in the 10th?

Format: 2QB Full PPR 10 team league. This is the last year we are doing keepers. ESPN is the host we are using. League won’t switch to Sleeper. :roll_eyes:

More than likely these players will be off the board:

  1. T.Y. Hilton
  2. Sony Michel
  3. Alvin Kamara
  4. Tyreek Hill or Marlon Mack
  5. Patrick Mahomes
  6. JuJu SMith-Schuster
  7. Todd Gurley/ Cam Newton/ Matt Ryan, one of them.
  8. James White or Julian Edelman
  9. James Conner

My options for keeping a player are:

  1. Deandre Hopkins. He would cost me my 2nd round pick. He is an elite WR and gives me the option to pick up an elite RB or WR.

  2. Nick Chubb. He would cost me a 10th round pick which is nice and I could pick an elite player in round 1 and a great player in round 2. He rates out as a low end RB1. This is the option I’m leaning.

Which option should I go with?

Definitely Chubb, those keepers leave you with a lot of options in the first and second round

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hopkins. nothing to the value of chubb, but i dont like the idea of my top RB getting his knees cut out from him around fantasy playoff time. i dont think hunt will put chubb at 30% or anything, but he will go from a 70-80% guy, to a 60% or so guy. my answer changes if it stayed a keeper next year BTW. but hopkins… dudes a beast, and will be there for you come playoff time. i dont care if watsons hurt. he will be there and produce. chubb… should be. and thats all the difference in the world to me, is the difference in the word should, and will. the value is still stupid good for chubb so pure value, yes its chubb. i just want the guy i know will produce at the highest of levels all year.

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I think is D Hop without a question. He is the best WR I think on an offense that will score a ton, plus no one will cut into his work load. Chubb is a nice player but could lose work later in the season. So you will get an elite RB in the first round and be very set with your first 2 picks. From what you said CMC, Zeke, Barkley, DJ, Bell, Cook, Mixon all will be there to take. I would love to start a team with CMC, Zeke, Bark, or DJ and D Hop. Idk what pick you have but that’s a real possibility.