Hopkins OBJ Trade

OBJ owner approached me about Hopkins deal. Original offer was OBJ and Miles sanders. Not interested in that. He’s asked about Ekeler in the past. Do you guys think he would accept Hopkins and Ekeler for OBJ and Chris Carson? Is this a good deal on my part?

If he goes for it I would def consider it. Ekeler is going to be a flex / handcuff ROS barring injury.

If you get a second check out my post:


I would do this trade. OBJ and Hopkins are a wash IMO and you are getting a RB who is the #1 there vs a guy who will be #2 and, while still have value, won’t be nearly as valuable as Carson.

He doesn’t want to do a deal with Carson in it. He is offering OBJ Sanders and McLaurin for Hopkins. What do you think of this? I worry about Eagles crowded backfield and Washington being a dumpster fire, even if McLaurin is the sure fire first WR option