Hopkins on the trade block

I am on the fence about putting Hopkins on the trading block. I do think he will turn it around, but the texans offense looks atrocious and watson is running for his life most of the times. I am in a 10 team PPR, what do you think a valuable trade would be ? I would like to target a RB of some sort.


I’m in the same boat. Value is low though so I am not doing it. If he has a big week I think that is when you sell if you want to. Because I agree their offense is awful.

It hurts when your #1 isn’t producing. Seeing what kind of value is out there if I were to trade him though and what would be fair to ask.

I offered Thielen and Mark Andrews for DHop. I expect a rejection…

It’s a time where the buyers are getting the better market than sellers. You’ll not get the value a player of his calibre deserves.

Here is the offer I have gotten:

Joe Mixon

Josh Gordon
James Conner
DJ Chark
Sony Michel

Fair or not?

D Hop Mixon JuJu side is by far the better…not close

Traded d hop last week for Chubb Might be able to get kerryon or someone of that caliber from his reputation and possible bounce back.