Hopkins or Diggs ROS ? HELP

What yall think. I have to choose one for a trade. thanks for the help1

If you are asking which one to get rid of… I think I have to say Hopkins just by default. I don’t see him having as much success with Savage.

I know he did against the Colts but their pass defense still leaves a lot to be desired.

Sorry . I am trading for Hopkins or Diggs.

Just wondering which one will be better and have a better ROS?

I really dont know and would like help

Both have favorable schedules. It’s possible Hopkins elevates Savage and remains a monster at WR but the safer bet is Diggs.

I agree with the above and would roll with Diggs. Keenum will still get him the targets and you never know with Savage.

any more inputs? Wouldnt savage just force feed Hopkins tho?

As a Colts fan I can tell you their secondary is not great and they were dominating Savage (until the 4th quarter, because that’s what they do).

Point being, he did not look good at all… so a decent to great defense should be able to shut him down completely.

Of course it’s fantasy and anything can happen. But again, Diggs is the safer bet.

To speak to all of this, you may want to shop around because you also don’t know with Diggs health… Tough call