Hopkins or Hill Keeper

10 team PPR league. 1 keeper and you use draft pick round higher than you drafted the player last year. SO i have a choice between keeping Hopkins but would use my 2nd round pick on him. Or Tyreek Hill and would use my 15th round pick on him.

Do hopkins in the second… And get you a stud RB in the 1st…

Hills value is awesome in the 15th… But i love Hopkins as a player way better than i like hill.

This is a 10 team league… All teams will look good… So I’d go with the better guy

What are the averages of the two players in your league over the last 2 years?

I go Hill in the 15th.

I think he will have a less productive year, but that is a steal in the 15th!

Take 2 studs with your 1 & 2.

Hopkins. You ain’t grabbing a better player in the 2nd.

Jesus people. This isn’t close. Hill in the 15th is an absurd value. Absolutely absurd. Here’s the scenario:

Hopkins and Lockett/Enunwa/Barber/etc


Allen/AJG/Adams/CMC/Etc and Tyreke Hill

I know which side I want.

thats tough, cause the value is undeniable. hopkins in the second has its good value too. i get wanting the better player, but you are getting WAY too much value with tyreek. even if he under performs like i think he will compaired to last season, who cares? you spent a 15th on him. take tyreek.

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We like the Cheetah as he’s entering his 3rd year and looks like he gets better by the game. Tyreek Hill is un guardable. When all said and done, this is a candidate for a future HOF’er. If Mahomes’ arm is the real deal, sky’s the limit. Forecasting an upstick in recpetions as well. He’s an animal!

So to maybe help out a little. most keepers in this league are gonna be top 5 - top 10 RBs

Elliot or Hunt (1 team has a choice of either as their keeper)
alvin Kamara
Leonard Fournette

So right off the bat those players are off the board.

OH and i have the #6 pick in the draft!

Please let me know if this info changes anyones minds! thank you!

This is easily Tyreek Hill in the 15th lol. You’re getting a WR2, potential top 10 WR in the 15th round.

Ummm I should add I can do McCaffrey in the 3rd round