Hopkins or Odell Beckham?

If they fell to you , who would you choose??

Nuke Hopkins!

The are both studs but personally I have more faith in deshaun than eli!

Hopkins would be my choice. He did great even with Savage at QB.

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I think it’s tough, but I agree with MPB-III, the fact that Hopkins was successful without Watson sells it for me. And OBJ is coming off an injury, so that’s an extra question mark.

Agree with Nuk

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I would go Hopkins too. Better QB, better without a QB, and he plays the Colts who dont have great corners twice a year. Beckham is coming off another big injury. Offense has a lot of playmakers so more distribution to everyone and maybe its just me but when playmakers get huge deals i feel like their production declines because they dont have as much to prove since they finally got the contract. No stats to prove it or anything but just a feeling ive had/seen

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Beckham for me.

Hopkins, the con on ODB is ODB. He is a Diva, yes he helped me win in his rookie year, but now he has nothing to prove. That scares me. There is an old Chinese proverb that goes I would rather be the tiger than the lion. Lion is already the King of the Jungle the Tiger is not and will work harder to overtake the Lion. Hopkins plays like a tiger OBJ plays like he is the Lion.

It’s really 1a 1b here. I have been going hopkins more and more at pick 6, 7, 8 cause I just like the feel of his team vs odells. But I wouldn’t fret on which one. Just follow who ever you like best at the time

IMHO you go OBJ and it is not even close. I appreciate the both of them, but I take OBJ every single time. Even with OBJ missing time last year, Nuk is only arguably better in a couple categories that matter. Below are both of their career stat averages, not just a single year. I totaled up all the numbers and divided by the number of years. These numbers include the OBJs last season AND his first season when he did not play all 16 games either. Hopkins, by contrast, has only missed a single game and played a full year longer.

REC 82.6
YDS 1173
Avg YPR 14.2
TD 7.2

REC 78.25
YDS 1106
Avg YPR 14.1
TD 9.5

You can see that these stats are very close. And remember that these are averages based off of full years (not number of games) played. So even though OBJ played many fewer games, his numbers were divided by a full year. There is no reason to believe that they would be so close if OBJ had played even a full season last year. He would have only needed 400 yards and 20 receptions more. Over the course of 11 games missed post injury those numbers are pedestrian for him. At that point, only the YPR would be in question. But that is only a .1 regardless.

Yes, OBJ was injured and there might be some falloff. I do not think so, but no one really knows. He had his ankle broken. If you are one that holds those injuries against a player (no judgement, just a FF playing choice) then clearly take Nuk.

As to QB, Watson has to play to historic levels to do what he did last year. Eli, on the other hand, has pretty much sucked every year with OBJ. But this year NYG add a huge upgrade at RB and that means teams have to make sure SB doesn’t get loose from the backfield. I see this as advantage OBJ.

Given everything I have seen to evaluate players / situations, if you want the better talent IMHO it is OBJ and it is not even close.

Just my opinion, but I hope it at least gives some other points to consider :slight_smile: Most importantly, as many others note you will not be wrong with either choice. I would not beat myself up over either player!


I like a lot of October’s view. in particular is point about barkley helping. not only him but nate solder is a massive upgrade. Eli isn’t that bad of a QB but he is a statue. if has time he can make throws. NYG should see a considerable offensive uptick this year.

however, I must say it seems like d Hopkins stays healthy. he does play against the jags TWICE though.

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Hopkins definitely

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while i agree that OBJs stats are insane for his first 3 year, and he was on pace for a 4th great one, i dont think its so hands down as you say. odell has had eli the whole time, while hopkins has had a carousel of hot garbage to throw to him. hopkins with watson was on pace for 90 receptions for 1200 yards and 14 TDs. and thats including the first few games where watson was still getting eased into his role. so i excpect them to be dame close this year.

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That is what makes FF so fun!

As stated, I do not think I would be worried about rostering either on my team. it is just that if I get to choose, I personally would never pass OBJ except for possibly AB. But that is just me. Most everyone else is on Hopkins right now, so that means something.

Assuming health and full season (15 games +) for both, I see less in the way of OBJ repeating and more in the way of Hopkins. I am not saying they cannot be close EoS, but I think OBJ is more of a lock for a top tier season. From my PoV, that is why I say it is not even close. Both are absolutely capable, no doubt. My stance is a statement of how I view the two players potential/talent, not necessarily the EoS stats. If that makes sense?

no i get you, cause prior to last season i was on the same train. OBJ might be the most talented WR of all time (pure talent standpoint for anyone that gets offended that i didnt say besides jerry rice) and he just keeps on getting better. so i dont have any problem with you wanting OBJ. im just all about hopkins this year.

as for things in the way, thats very curious. cause i see way more in OBJs way than there is for hopkins. care to expand? maybe im missing something

Eli is hot garbage.

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I’d say Moss and Calvin Johnson stand atop that list, but Beckham is surely up there.

hot garbage me may be, but you cant deny his stats which is all OBJ needs to thrive. consistent 4000 yard seasons and 25+ TDs.

and yeah its tough to say cause OBJ is still in his career, but kids a freak and i would match him with anyone from pure talent standpoint. calvin is a freak though… guy had like an 11 foot catch radius.

I am seeing the following things as potential bumps for Hopkins.

Watson must have another otherworldly season to keep the pace he set last season which might be tough now that teams have some pro tape on him.
Fuller is stepping up (I know OBJ has Sheppard, but I think he already has)
Weaker running game (speculation) with Miller / D. Foreman
Not as many other weapons to keep DEF distracted

Now, none of these are impossible to overcome. Hopkins has skills no doubt. I just see more hurdles for him and pieces needing to fall into place to better what he did last season.

I do not see OBJ having any new negatives / distractions. I see SB in the backfield as a boon for OBJ’s production as they might have a legit run game now. I know SB will take some passes from the backfield, but they threw to RBs already. I think SB just hoovers all those up as opposed to taking away from WR/TE. All other things stay relatively static AND a (slightly at least) improved o-line.

Granted, everything is ‘on paper’ and we all know how predictable that is :wink: But in my eyes that is how I see it. Again, though, my comment / decision is more on OBJ talent and likely outcome as opposed to how both their stats will land EoS. I see it more likely OBJ does better, and I think his talent gives him the upside edge every time. But that is just me :slight_smile:

well i see it kinda reverse. OBJ has SB, which will take looks away from him just naturally. in all of the time that OBJ has been there, he has never had a run game. which means they were always pass pass pass. while i agree thats a good thing, i think its a good thing to a degree. think drew brees last year. eli is only ever valuable when throwing to OBJ, and when he gets volume. otherwise he kinda… just sucks. so pair that with all of his off the field issues, evan engram, barkley, a strong D… there is potential for a regression. which for OBJ would be 80 catches for 1100 yards and 8 TDs. still fuckin great just not what we are used to.

on the other hand hopkins gets his QB back, he gets more 1 on 1 coverage with fuller there, and their run game sucks so they have to air it out. dont get me wrong, i dont think that watson ever puts together a full season like he was having last season, but i do expect him to be a big step up over what they have had. so that alone makes hopkins more valueable. i mean if you can be a WR1 with tom savage, you can be so god damn good lol.

but like you said, this is the fun of FF! the varying opinions and seeing things in different lights. for sure, you really cant go wrong with either of them. its just always fun to discuss this stuff. poke holes in arguments and reinforce your own. it makes us all better at the game. so cheers!

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