Hopkins-Robby for Aaron Jones and Woods

Would you do it???
I’m giving away Aaron Jones and Robert Woods and receiving Hopkins and Robby Anderson.

My other RBs: Dalvin, Kerryon, Miles Sanders, and Devin Singletary
My other WRs: Emmanuel Sanders, D-Jax, John Brown

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@Gramercy_Riffs @crazydeeg4 @richmonDOC what do you think?

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So the play here is Jones for Nuke. I think the talent/opportunity off-set is balanced well here.

Manny can be ol’ faithful. John Brown has a promising schedule ahead. And D Jax can take the top off when he’s right. Nuke to ice that cake sounds pretty good.

Obviously losing Jones is a hit. But the Chef keeps some stability at RB. And the others are certainly serviceable

I like it

Okay thanks for the input!

Yes agreed, overall I don’t mind the trade much. I would prefer a RB in return instead of Robby Anderson however, if they’re willing to part with a RB 3/4.

Capitalizing on Aaron Jones now is a good move, as Williams seems to be back a full strength. You have a good Not great corps of RB’s and losing Jones will hurt your depth. I can’t imagine ever starting Miles Sanders right now, until he has more of a role in the back field and I actually do have much more faith in Singletary after the bye. I think he’s going to secure that backfield from Gore.

Getting Hopkins is the Best Buy low candidate in all of fantasy football right now for me. If you can get him I would, knowing that you’re also losing Your best receiver. However, I do agree with what @Gramercy_Riffs said about all of your remaining wide outs. You have some good fill ins there that I would likely be switching in and out based on their matchups.

I thought the consensus was he was still a week out? Did something change?

Agreed. Almost inevitable. Favorable schedule. He could be a gem on your roster down the stretch

Awesome advice, really appreciate it @Gramercy_Riffs @richmonDOC ! Yes, Williams plus LaFleur emphasizing splitting touches makes me nervous, and I feel good about Cook/Kerryon + Singletary as good depth eventually. And Hopkins feels like the best piece of the trade.

I got Robby because I remember last year he had a couple weeks of top 5 with Darnold, plus small but important tidbit, Goff on the road is not as good, and the last two weeks of fantasy playoffs is on the road against tough matchups. So I almost like Robby more there with his schedule.

Anyway thanks! Did the trade and am very excited about it!

Yeah he seems to be full go. Hence my urgency with the trade lol

I’m out of likes for an hour. But I Like this😅 Good luck brother!

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Hahah I didn’t know that was a thing! Thanks! #footclantitle

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I’d do it, Nuke will go back to being Nuke soon enough, and GB coach is stupid so once Williams is back healthy I think it will hurt Jones and they will go back to splitting carries

Thanks @macgregor5 I needed the shot in the arm from others here for trading away a player who just scored me 45 points

Yeah it’s like 50 likes in a certain amount of time then a cool down hour. But I don’t hesitate to throw them around here. There’s alot of great info and feedback, and I like to support that

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