Hopkins,sanders,D.Williams for Eckler and Lockett

Hey footclan, I just received a trade offer and I don’t know what to do. He offered me Hopkins, sanders and D.Williams for Eckler and Lockett. I’m in a full ppr keeper league. What should I do?

Tough one…that would really be selling high on Eckler. It’s still very possible Gordon comes back late on the year and his value tanks. Also, Lockett is going to have a big season with the lack of receiving options in Seattle.

Hopkins is elite. Not much else to say about that. I’m not sold Damien Williams remains the starter all season…and Sanders lacks much value right now.

It’s probably a fair trade honestly…not sure I would lean one way or another.

I have Barkley Royce freemen and shady on my bench and eckler as my rb 1 and Carson as my rb 2. With losing eckler do you think I’ll be able to take the gamble on shady or d Williams in my rb spot?