Hopkins - Saquon Trade. Give me your thoughts!

Hi everyone,

Would you do a Barkley, Kittle, Kupp for Hopkins, Burton, and Fournette Trade? This is a dynasty .5 ppr league I would be receiving the Barkley side.

Love Hopkins and Fournette (when he is healthy) but is Barkley too good to pass up?

My team would be:

Cam Newton
Keenan Allen, Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson
Saquon, James Conner, Jordan Howard,

Instead of:

Cam Newton
Deandre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson
Founette/Yeldon, Conner, Jordan Howard

Any help would be appreciated!

I wouldn’t trade Barkley. I also love Hopkins, but the players you would give up are currently better in fantasy. I would be a down grade for you.

I would be receiving Barkley, does that mean you like my side?

Yes! Barkley = major upgrade. Kittle = upgrade. Fournette…who knows when he will be healthy. Yes!!!

That was my thought too, plus, Kupp has a pretty safe floor. He looks like a young Adam Thielen.

Yes, Kupp is a total stud also. Sounds like a great trade for you!