Hopkins trade advice

Morning footclan

I’m in a standard league and just acquired Hopkins, on the advice of the show and experts, I am looking to offload him.

My other WR are Baldwin, Julio Jones, Marvin Jones. I have a ton of RB.

Hunt, darkwa, Forte, David Johnson, telvin Coleman and crowel.

Who should I be targeting?

Package with a rb for a rb upgrade as beyond hunt that’s a lot of rb3/flex plays

I’m not very good at this, could you give example for decent packages and who I should aim for?

Appreciate the advice

Agree w/Josh above. If you could get a player like L McCoy (and his 3 TD’s - very disappointing) or J McKinnon, T Coleman I would be happy. We all have to move on from everyone in that Texans offense. Their QB play is now horrible and it is impacting every player

Depends on make up of other teams but I think you could try martin and then a lower end wr like davis/Anderson
Or go all out for a rb like howard/ingram/freeman but see what the lay of the land is.

Ye McCoy and McKinnon are great targets. Think you’d be selling short if you got Coleman even with Freeman injury

I have Coleman.

I traded McKinnon for Julio Jones and I dropped Doug Martin as he is costing me in a standard league.

I might try and package Coleman and Hopkins for Freeman or Howard/McCoy

I’d be dropping David Johnson and picking Martin back up if i were you. I don’t think DJ is going to olay again this season and while Martin has been disappointing, he’s still a talented starting RB. Those don’t grow on trees.

I’ve dropped DJ and picked up Olsen and sent out some package offers

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Olsen is a nice pickup

I already have Ertz. I only nabbed him to make the Hopkins offers seem more appealing

It’s not working so far.

Would AJ green be a good option?

I just traded Hopkins and mcfadden away and got Julio … so yes try aj green or a player like him! Hopkins is still a very good wr with a lot of volume, so dont sell him cheap

Would tyreek hill be a worthy target?