Hopkins trade in dynasty

Just curious on what the opinions are of a trade that I just made in a start-up, 12-team dynasty.

I gave Godwin, Samuel, what appears to be a top 3 2020 pick and a late 2020 pick for Hopkins.

This leaves me with the following receivers:
Isaiah McKenzie
Keelan Doss
Travis Fulgham
Alex Ericson
Jordan Lashley
Bryce Pringle

I also have my 2020 1st and 2nd and three 2021 1sts to restock.

My RBs are:
Ty Johnson
Thomas Rawls
Dontrell Hilliard

In my opinion, I did slightly overpay, but dealing Hopkins comes at a high price so I understand. I am hoping that my RBs get me through to 2021. My QBs are Watson, Goff, Rosen and Rudolph so I am good there. TEs are Engram, Vance, Everette, Jarwin and Dissley.

I would love a lineup like that, personally. You gave up a few people for Hopkins, but if hes your guy than hes your guy. You still have a significant amount of picks in the years ahead, and as long as cmc and Gordon stay healthy you should be good. Just my opinion :+1:

You gave up a lot, but given how much capital you have and your lineup, you can afford it. You don’t get studs without paying a premium.

I appreciate the feedback.

I like the trade, but I think at least in the short term you lack depth at rb and wr as a result of the trade, but your 4 first round picks in the next two drafts will help in trades

Yeah, that is around his price, fair trade.

Trade is lopsided in Hopkins favor IMO… the replaceability of the guys given up vs elite player production is nuts… the R1P3 was clearly the most valuable thing given up on your end, but there’s not an obvious road-to-elite player available with that pick either… (Sanders/Harry possibly available, I assume)

So the trade is really:

WR1 overall Hopkins + garbage lottery pick + garbage lottery pick + garbage lottery pick


WR3 Godwin + WR3 Samuel + RB3 Sanders + garbage lottery pick

Proven elite/waivers for two boom or bust WR3s/RB3/trash can player is a great trade… even if I assume your waivers are absolute garbage… it’s just not hard to find WRs that can spike week to week especially early in the year… so unless this is a best ball league you made out like a bandit IMHO

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