Hopkins value after Watson injury

I Get: Ingram and Hopkins
I Send: Keenan, McKinnon, Brate, and Tate

My other WRs are Jeffery and Diggs and I will have the opportunity to pick up Sterling Shepard. Corey Davis, Theiland, or Amari Cooper. My other RBs are Hunt, Anderson, Aaron Jones, Duke Johnson, and David Johnson if he ever plays this year. I also have Gronk at TE so I’m not worried about giving up Brate. A big part of this trade is how the Watson injury affects Hopkins’ value so I’m interested to hear what you guys think. Would I be winning this trade?

I’d rather have the Ingram/Hopkins side. That’s upgrading RB while getting a WR that will still command targets despite QB change.

Keenan Allen is on bye and then JAX next week. Basically 2 zeros in a row. If you have other serviceable or elite WRs than Allen and Tate then this deal is a go for me