Hopkins Value

What kind of RB can Hopkins get me 1 for 1? Could I get Barkley? McCaffrey?

I want to try and target a top RB1

I would be surprised if you could get Barkley or McCaffery for Hopkins straight up. Maybe if the owner of one of those is really deep at RB and wants a stud WR, but I doubt it. You could offer and see

Barkley owner also has Melvin Gordon… Green and Juju at WR

It won’t hurt to offer, worst he could do is say no. I think I would still keep Barkley if I were him, especially with the way JuJu is looking. Barkley-Gordon is one heck of a RB duo

Yeah you can’t get Barkley, you could try for Fournette and see if the owner is fed up with the injuries. I personally won’t ship off Fournette but others might.