Hosting A Live Draft Party Ideas?

Hey Footclan! Need to pick your brains about some ideas for hosting my first live draft at my house on Aug. 25th. I’ve been to live drafts in the past and they are usually fun but outside of some couches, a draft board and a few cases of beer there really isn’t much to them.

Are there any live draft must have’s that anyone can think of? Keep in mind this was at my commissioners house last year and he’s a super competitive so I want to make sure everyone knows my draft was better! Thanks guys!

Pizza. Must have pizza. =o)

Hire a friend or someone not in the league to serve your drinks and make sure league mates know to tip!
Give out league gifts such as koozies or something cheap but fantasy related.
Our Saco has to draft in a pink T-Shirt that says I suck at fantasy football.
Depending on weather, draft outside. Use a TV/projector vs a paper draft board and have highlights from players you don’t want to draft or want members to reach for playing as your league mates show up.
Depending on your league, you could do mini games like shots everytime someone asks is “x player” still available? Or shots to the first kicker or D/ST drafted.

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Ah, I never would have thought about making a drinking game out of it!

I usually have everyone bring a dish, be it an appetizer/dessert/party tray etc…I handle the pizza and drinks. This makes for a better spread and takes a bit of stress off of you as the host. I open the door about 2 hours prior to draft time and we play corn hole, Madden, and other yard games. Just before the draft starts each of the 3 division winners draft their new division members in linear draft form (super fun and insulting to the first taken lol). But you don’t have to do any of that as long as your league has fun!! This format works for my league!

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I love the idea of drafting your division. I’m stealing this for my league. Thanks!

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an idea i have been tossing around in my head is pre draft betting games. what you bet is certain round picks or some kind of pick swap. its a VERY rough idea because there are risks involved like getting an advantage for a whole year based off of one days fun. but i like the idea of going in knowing what spot i draft from and competing to try to improve that. i think round swaps are probably the best way to go for something like that. a big bet would be agreeing to a 1st round swap between 1.01 and 1.12, a small bet being something like the 2.07 and 2.10 making a bet. still a lot of kinks that would need to be worked out like compensation for the 1.01 making a bet with 1.12 (because honestly thats a big jump and no one would really want to do that) but its just an idea i have been toying with, not something that i think would be practical in any league except for a HIGH betting league. which there are very few of seems like anyway.