Hot Fire Fantasy Football Questions: Week 5

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Our “Hot Fire Fantasy Questions” series follows the happenings of Week 4 following up recent news, fantasy performances, and implications for owners moving forward. Our Hot Fire contributors from our Fantasy Footballers writing staff includes Matthew Betz (@TheFantasyPT) and Kyle Borgognoni (@kyle_borg). Give them a follow on Twitter along with all of our Footballers accounts…

Probably not going to get much value for Conner considering the news of Bell’s impending return. If you can wash your hands of the situation, I would understand. I would be looking to buy Conner though. Le’veon has burned a lot of bridges, he looks out of shape and staying healthy has been his primary concern. That’s not to mention that I’m sure PIT would love to trade him and be done with the drama. If I could land Conner for a guy who’s been hot (Ridley/Jordy), someone who has name value that you can’t trust (Amari/Crowell) or may be looking at a diminished role (Yeldon/Lamar Miller/Latavius/AlMo) I’d take the chance.

Totally agree. Sounds great to trade conner if not for the fact that every knows Bell is coming back after the bye. Kind of sloppy analysis on the ballers part here. I’m hanging onto him as a keeper and hoping and praying something outside of Pitt happens for Bell.