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Houston Def or or OAK/CIN/TB


I have Houston’s DEF but everyone saw how horrible they where.

Should I roll with them for another week or pick up one of these DEF’s.

OAK Vs. Jets
CIN Vs. Texans
TB Vs. Chicago

???..help me out and i will WHIR


Both Oak and Cincy are great prospects this week. I personally am leaning toward Cincy. In fact I had the same decision earlier. Grabbed Pit last week and worked out great, but didn’t have a good feeling about them this week. Was tough decision but ultimately went with Cin. Bal is also available and strongly considered them as well. But in the end went with Cin.


I did this exact same thing - dropped PIT for Cincy. If Baltimore were available on my wire, though, they would be my #1


The biggest deciding factor for me chris_wolf is the next couple of upcoming weeks in case the DST pickings get slim. Cincy has GB next week and Cle in week 4. Bal has Jax next week and Pit week 4. Just figured since Cincy has the better match-ups I’d rather go with them in case I have to stick with them.