How about that Antonio Brown?

Dude got it done! Tony toe tap at it again!

I’m 6-4 and need that win! WOOHOO! Get em AB! Finished the night with 42. Opponent at 43 after Big Ben, juju, and Corey Davis. I like my odds but I’ve been getting bad beats all year. AB was killin it out there. Clearly the best option on that field.

Best option? Have you seen jesse james.

Hahaha so true. He WAS getting a lot of looks… I’ll drop Evan Engram for him after this week for sure.

AB has won me this week. Dude is a beast!!! He even did well against Jacksonville. Not many receivers can say that! He is #1.

I knew he was poised for a volcanic explosion this week. Guy doesn’t let down. Awesome performance!