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How accurate are the Ballers?


This is my 1st season as a Footclan member. I wanted to know how accurate the guys are with their weekly projections. Any examples of the projections helping or hurting you versus other sites.


mike and jason are both in the top 50 for accuracy among analysts. jason being in the top 25. so yeah, they are pretty accurate. i believe2 different weeks last year jason was even ranked number 1 for the week.


Well I wouldn’t trust 100% in the actual rankings of any 1 expert (or 1 group in this case)… you should still do your own research and form your own opinions while taking expert rankongs into consideration… i like using fantasypros a lot for start/sits since they use a collective consensus based on virtually all well known experts… i do make time to listen to the ballers every day though because their show is the most entertaining to me by far… you’ll get all the news and notes you’ll get anywhere else while also getting some good tips and advice… I just like using the show as my daily dose of general fantasy info


I definitely like to look at as many different sites/experts as possible. I just noticed today that their projections are a good bit different from Yahoo. Their podcasts are the best in the business. I was just curious how good the in season content is. Thanks guys.