How are these waiver claims?

So my bench basically blew up thanks to injuries and OBJ might be out for the season so I have no backup WR right now. Do these claims look like they’re in the right order. It’s the final week so i could care less about running them as nothing but waivers since there’s nothing to gain by not burning them.


Are you guaranteed the first one? IF not I always put my most dropable player in for a couple in case other teams pick them up. I mostly like the chargers and reynolds adds because those teams are still in it, I dont feel great about jamaal at this point the packers are eliminated

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what i mean is

  1. add MW frop CS
  2. Add JR drop CS
    3 Add TW drop CS
  3. Add JR drop TB
    5 add TW drop TB

ALso, I would drop Boyd first because he probably is done for the season, Sutton still has some value but maybe less than Conley who might get used if they decide to give Hill rest while dealing with his foot.

I know this is different because its the playoffs but I am out of my playoffs and will still try to pick up players just to make it harder for the teams left.

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makes sense. and i don’t have top waiver but i’m like middle of the 4 teams that might actually set a roster. As long as i don’t get hit by a stat correction i’ll have snuck by this week by 2 points. And i can still shuffle who’s dropped for who just want to make sure who’s being claimed is the right order. as long as OBJ is back this week i shouldn’t have to play any of the ppl i want to target but boyd was my last depth play i was comfortable with.

Don’t think I’m dropping Boyd. Has a good match-up next week. Even if you don’t need him - no reason to offer him up to another team on a silver platter.

Stafford and Conley are def drop candidates.

Boyd is only getting dropped if it’s confirmed that he’s out for the season, which it sounds like he will be. He has an MCL sprain.

DIdn’t know that. Thanks!


Yeah if it wasn’t for that i’d be happy to roll boyd out again. I got injury killed these last 2 weeks.

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