How are we all feeling about this trade in a half ppr dynasty league?

I would receive Alvin Kamara and Tyler Lockett. They would get Deandre Hopkins, Chris Carson, and the Colts DST.

My Team:

WR: Tyler Boyd, James Washington, Jamison Crowder, Antonio Callaway, Parris Campbell, and Jalen Hurd.

RB: James Conner, Aaron Jones, Matt Breida, Justin Jackson, James Williams.

DST: 49ers ( I’m thinking to pick up Seattle or Philly, or really anybody else).

This is a startup dynasty league so I am confident, but I cannot say for sure that I am in contention.

Kamara/Lockett wins vs Hopkins/Carson/Colts DST 100 times out of 100 regardless of league settings/team structure/anything else really

I’m honestly curious why people feel the need to verify lopsided trades like this on forums

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Thank you for your response, and I think I have an answer for your query. A trade that you consider lopsided may not seem that way for someone else. Different people get high or low for the same player, obviously my trade partner doesn’t share my value of the assets he traded. Most importantly, my post may serve as a benchmark for how other managers can view trading for/away these players and I think feeling comfortable enough to ask help in verifying a decision is what this community forum is all about.

I respond to you with no malice and honestly appreciate your support for my trade.


Would you please elaborate why you think this? I would rather have DeAndre Hopkins side knowing the shelf life of starting RB’s & WR’s. For the sake of argument let’s say Hopkins == Kamara, Carson == Lockett for value. Then look at @dgallagher8611’s roster. He’s stacked at RB and significantly weaker at WR.

Hopkins is 27. Kamara is 4 years younger but again he plays at a position which has a much shorter life-span as a top tier asset. Chris Carson is 24, only a year older and drafted in the same year as Kamara iirc. He’s the current starting RB in a run heavy offense. Lockett looks great after last season, but I’m not sure if that was more of an outlier or if he’s truly that skilled. The seahawks paid him so clearly they think the latter but I’m not 100% sure. The defense add-in seems fairly irrelevant to me.


Carson is probably garbage… injury prone and likely to be usurped by Penny at some point this year, if not outright from the start… Colts DST is without question garbage…

So what is it really? Kamara (#2 overall player in my rankings, and I could make a compelling argument for him over Barkley) and Lockett who’s a solid WR2 throw-in for Hopkins…

Hopkins is just the guy you draft in R1 at Pick 6 in disappointment of not getting Barkley/Kamara/McCaffrey/Elliott/Gordon… could also make an argument for DJ over Hopkins as well… he’s REALLY good… without question… but Kamara is just worth SO much more in point production especially without Ingram poaching carries

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Precisely my mindset. Carson still runs a little bit stompy and is trying to snap his ankle. Penny is just too worrying.

Do you think Kamara can keep his production after Brees (40) retires? Latavius Murray is there to vulture goal line carries from Kamara for the time being. Where Hopkins has Watson (23) who is already an elite talent, throwing him the ball. WRs have a longer life span in the NFL and Carson is still young and will, at the least, split 50/50 carries with Penny this season for the team who led the league in carries last year.

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I think you may be placing too much value on just this season. You made a bunch of fair points though I disagree with your Carson take. Labelling Carson as “probably garbage” seems a bit excessive to me even if you think he’s “injury prone” This is a dynasty trade review btw so you need to be thinking long term as well. In a vacuum I definitely would rather have the kamara side, but with OP’s roster he’s stacked at RB and his best WR is tyler boyd

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I would argue that without Brees how can Kamara value do anything but go up as they use the run game more? He would then be in the same situation as Barkley was last year sans the terrible offensive line… I don’t view Murray as a legitimate carry or goal-line poacher like Ingram was… so Kamara should look more like Kamara from first 4 weeks of last year this year…

@keith_ferguson I don’t think I am… running backs are historically more consistent and score more points, especially elite ones… Kamara is 23 with very light tread from college… 4 years younger than Hopkins, and is used differently than the typical RB, in a good sustainable way…

Also, 3 months before games happen… he can trade for a WR if needed later and will have better ammo to do so…

Kamara/Conner/Jones/Lockett/Boyd > Conner/Jones/Carson/Hopkins/Boyd IMO… I feel like people overvalue WRs in dynasty rankings because durability/age etc, but look at Julio Jones, AJ Green, Calvin Johnson, Keenan Allen from a career standpoint… WRs get injured, especially high-volume ones… and I have trouble holding on to the same player for longer than 2 years anyways so year 3 from now is completely irrelevant unless the player I’m trading for won’t have any value to flip by then…

All that said, in dynasty, the most important season is the one you’re about to play… you’ll never win a championship playing for next year every year

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Pretty even trade tbh. Prefer Kamara side in a vacuum but your WR corps is a wasteland if you give up Nuk.


I would take the Hopkins side. I think in dynasty the top wrs like adams and Hopkins gain value as wrs typically have longer careers. im not big on lockett and doing this would make your wrs not very promising. I think Kamara will be great and I think carson will still be the lead back in seattle, so I would stick with your current roster and not do this trade


I am with @MikeMeUpp and @JarekF21 on this. I think Nuk in dynasty is a longer run at dominance. As most are saying, both sides are not bad and I would not be bummed with either. I think AK is not work crippling your WR corp, and you still have a great weapon in Nuk (see what I did there with both players). I like Lockett but I am not convinced he just elevates beyond where he is. I would stick with the Hopkins side.

BTW, I also do not think Carson is as injury prone as people say. He had a leg rolled up on and broken. It is not like all the soft tissue stuff. Last year one of his missed games was due to 30+ carries the week before. It was a choice to keep him fresh with M Davis / R Penny on the roster. Missing 1 game to other reasons IMHO does not make an injury risk. College looks like he had a 12 & 9 game season, so not sure about the 9 game. He does run ‘stompy’ but he is also a pretty strong dude. Read about his weight room / conditioning. If any concerns about Carson have me a bit concerned it is Penny, but I think it should be similar in their backfield. Carson did what he did with 50-60% of the snaps. He did not need 75%+. Anything can happen, of course, but my take is the concern over Carson is hard for me to buy into.

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I agree with the latter comments. Someone stated this was an obvious lopsided trade… I disagree. I also believe Carson is undervalued in most comments. You could handcuff Carson with Rashaad Penny. BUT - I would not make this trade.

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Comical that you compare Kamara with Barkley. Two completely different play styles. NO keeps getting other RBs behind Kamara to run between the tackles because Kamara’s style and build won’t hold up against it.

247 carries last season (RB7 for carries) is not garbage. 1151 yds and 9 tds is not garbage. I do agree that Penny will get more carries than last season, but they should have a good chance to lead the league in rushing again. Also, Colts DST is very underrated and a lot better than SF.

I am very curious about your argument for Kamara over Barkley in Dynasty. No way I’m picking Kamara over him.

These are very bullheaded and one-sided comments BratwurstNightmare is making and it’s examples like this that remind me to take everything people say on here with a grain of salt. We are not experts, but we have our thoughts and opinions and some of us may come off a lot more aggressive than others but that doesn’t make them correct.


This is his OPINION, not fact. Why do you think tanking is a a thing in the NFL? Because you get rid of big name players for a bunch of draft picks and young prospects and get a really high, if not the first, draft pick. So in the next few years, you’re sitting with all the talent while those players you gave up are at the end of their careers. Again, it’s comments like this where he thinks there isn’t an argument when there actually is that reminds me about perspective with forums.


How about when he said how disappointed you would be to take Hopkins at the 1.06 after some moron drafted Melvin Gordon at the 1.05 in dynasty? I mean, I disagree with half of the other names he listed ahead of dhop, but at least there’s an argument to be had. But Gordon? Brat is clueless.


I appreciate everybody contributing to this lively debate. Also, thank you all for keeping things heated but appropriate.

Agree with most of what you said but this is pretty unfounded. Not sure why everything thinks Kamara is not built to handle a workload. he is actually the perfect size. He’s about 5’11 215-220 lbs. Which is the workhorse build. He just looks skinny and tiny I think cause of the way the saints uniforms are. And in fact, in the first week weeks when ingram was suspended, he showed you what he could do as a workhorse. The saints choose to take bigger RBs behind him because they don’t want him to be run into the ground. I actually like that cause I think it means Kamara has a longer shelf life than typical RBs and yet because of his efficiency and pass catching, he still produces at an elite level with top 4 upside. I think there is an argument to be made for Kamara over barkley (longer shelf life, better efficiency, better offense so more TD upside). I’m not saying I agree with it, I would personally take barkley 10/10. However, I wouldn’t completely shoot someone down cause they want kamara over barkley. All you need to do is think back to last year. 10/10 would not choose gurley over CMC but fast forward 1 year, CMC is a stud and honestly, is in the conversation for 1.01. CMC/Zeke/Kamara/Barkley all can be considered for 1.01. You can make an argument for all of them, just a matter of preference. I think barkley has the strongest argument but wouldn’t simply dismiss everyone’s opinion cause you think Barkley is the best. Just my 2 cents.

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Week 1 last season vs TB: 8 carries 29 yards
Week 2 last season vs CLE: 13 carries 46 yards
Week 3 last season @ ATL: 16 carries 66 yards

He actually had a better Y/A average after Ingram came back. All of his production when Ingram was suspended were from TDs and receptions. They didn’t change how they used him just because they didn’t have Ingram.

12 targets, 6 targets, 20 targets in those 3 games.

I agree when you say they don’t want to run him into the ground. They don’t want him hurt either. And whatever jersey he wears, he’s a slight build. People built that way are not known to do a lot of work between the tackles.

I think Id keep my guys Hopkins and Watson are gonna be solid! Kamara is good Carson gonna get it going… have fun!

You need to look at total touches, not just carries lol. He has more targets because he’s an elite receiver out of the backfield. 20, 19, and 36 touches are elite workhorse numbers. To simply write it off cause they weren’t carries is an absolutely prehistoric way of looking at things.