How are you approaching RBs this season if you're in the back half of the 1st?

Title… if you miss out on Saquan, Kamara, or CMC how are you guys approaching RBs this draft season?

This might be a good year to go zero RB just due to how uncertain so many teams are at RB. I just don’t know how to gauge how low I’m willing to go for an RB1. Damien Williams/Dalvin Cook range is where I’m at now, but I just don’t know how to expect things to play out in so many situations.

Zero RB has always been scary to me. I prefer the “1RB” strategy much more. Joe Mixon is the worst RB1 I’d want to have this year unless I’m able to pick up two elite WR’s on the turn.

Exactly, and I think 2 of OBJ/Julio/MT at the turn is actually realistic this year

WRs are habitually inconsistent… it’s extremely difficult to navigate through the regular season successfully without a legitimate RB1… go look at your league history and tell me how many championships have been won without that… you’re painting yourself into a corner that you’ll HAVE to pick up that one waiver wire RB that blows up and in reality you’ve got a 10% chance of that at the draft