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How bad are my chances?


After going up against a big pit of points by my opponent having Gurley and Hyde I am only down 17 points no thanks to 1 point from Tucker! 17 points I still have Fitz tomorrow night(PPR)…but he has Dan Bailey.

Make up the 17 plus whatever Bailey makes? Or am I dead in the water?


Kickers matter way too much in fantasy football. For your sake, I hope I’m wrong but I think you’re done. You need a monster game from Fitzgerald, like 8/100/2.


Ya I figured that is about what I need…I am hopeful I get it.


Oh ya baby!!! Snuck off the win! 13-149-1 to stick it to my Best man! Hope he doesn’t embarrass me at my wedding now! :joy::joy::joy:


Fitz won me my week as well :blush: