How bad did I rip myself off? Lol

Dynasty full PPR

I give up Zeke, Lindsay, and Harry

I receive Gurley, Michel, Marvin Jones, 1.11, and 2.07

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I mean…it’s give and take. Right?

The only think you gave up was Zeke. Lindsay I think is moved well behind Gordon and should see a loss in value. That said I do like him, but I also just traded him during my last draft. Harry…maybe? Maybe not? Plus NE is ??? for this year.

You get Gurley who I am high on for this year and probably next at least. But he will not match Zeke IMHO. Close, but behind. Michel I am not a fan of, but ought to be close to Lindsay with a chance to be better though I am looking at Harris to jump into that role. Jones is a baller and always dismissed. He is a stud and you should be happy to have him. Lottery 1.11 & 2.07 should get you some nice assets.

So, you give up the best piece but you get enough pieces back to offset everything. I would say in the end you are lateral at the worst and improved at the best. I think you probably helped your team out when all is said and done.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

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