How Best To Support My Spouse

My wife got me into fantasy football a couple years ago. Since then I fully dove in, foot clan member, regular listener, and taking home that # foot cleanTitle annually.

ThisYearI’ve made it into 4 out of my 7 leagues playoffs,But my spouse had a rough go of it and made zero, and is in dead last on at least2Or3 of her leagues.

What I don’t want to do is be too “helpful” and offer advice - but anyone have experience to best support ones significant other without being overly supportive?

Why would you not give her all of your advise? Shes your wife. If she wins money, you win. Mine always ask for advise. She drafts her team, she sets her line up but she does ask me about matchups.

I guess it depends on how involved she is in fantasy and how much losing affects her. If you are in leagues against her and don’t want to look like you’re colluding with her, then wait until after the season and talk about why you drafted you who did, why you started who you did, people you like next year, etc. My best advice would be to co-own a team next year. Play together, make decisions together, discuss strategy together. Judging by the fact that you both play multiple leagues, this gives you room to manage your own teams and use fantasy football to have fun together.

At the end of the day it’s just a game with a fair amount of luck and random outcomes. Sharing an outcome with her, good or bad, could be a lot of fun.