How big of a reaction do you have to week 1?

Welp… first season foot clanner here. Week 1 is almost in the books and I’m on the verge of the unimaginable. All signs point to an 0-6 start in my 6 leagues. I have to say, it’s pretty discouraging to spend hours upon hours listening to every show, researching in the UDK, following the tier-based strategy and targeting “my guys”, “mvps”, “values”, “breakouts” etc. in every draft, only to lay a massive turd in week 1. I was so psyched about the way my rosters panned out after the draft. And now I’m wondering, after 6 big Ls in week 1, where the heck do I go from here?

What kinds of reactions are you having to week 1? After a bad start are you more aggressive with your FAAB early? Are you trying to target guys who the FFBs where high on that had down weeks? Are you making trades? How long are you giving guys like Trey Burton, who the FFBs were so so high on, before you cut your losses and go with a good streaming option?

Here are my squads. I went from feeling great to feeling in turmoil pretty quickly.

I hear ya’! I put in the same amount of hours and research as you and I’m going to go 0-4. I know, I know- you can’t win your season at the draft, and you can lose your first 4 weeks and still win the title but it’s frustrating. We have comparable rosters and for the most part none of our guys had huge bust out games like our opponents. The Saints’s D and Trey Boo Boo, totally hurt me. However, I looked at my projected final points and I see that I would have beaten almost everyone else in my league. Bad luck? I’m going to hold onto my FAB, consider streaming TEs, and hear what the guys have to say. But yes, I’m not feeling good about it either but glad to hear others are in the same boat.


Dont tilt after week 1. Unless your guys are injured, it’s too early to panic. Your teams look pretty strong, and a lot of other players had really big weeks, I dont think you’ll go 0-6 in week 2

You’re worrying too much and you’re feeling with what I call “week 1 syndrome”

Where you think the result of the first week is going to impact your entire season. The truth of your teams is that they all had very average-above average production (targets/carries) which should make you happy. I would be more contempt losing with a player that has 20 Carries and 70 yards on week 1 than winning with a player that has 2 carries 100 yards.

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Don’t panic it’s week 1. There’s so many duds during this week every single season, just from odd stuff happening. I mean case in point i might lose because rivers went off and the saints were AWFUL. But at the end of week 1 half of every league is 1-0 and half is 0-1. don’t over react, look for those who are and take their good players, and win.

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Having a lot of Baldwin and Trey Burton and Burkhead shares is pretty scary right now.

Baldwin is a lot scarier than burton. Baldwin has an MCL sprain. Burton just didn’t get used a lot. I have a feeling matt nagy is gonna press the ball around with different schemes. Burton will have good weeks and tough weeks. But at least he will play.

As stated above, youll be ok dont over react. You just have a lot of really similar squads and since some of them pooped their pants you are feeling it on multiple rosters. All of your teams still look pretty good and they should come around!

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