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How bout dem Texxxans


Spent my time picking up Rb’s and such on waiver day and lost the initiative to grab the falcons or redskins. Should I hang on to my Texans without Watt? Pls discuss.

Thanks erbody!


No love for the Texans clickbait header I get it… :cold_sweat:


Without Merciless the Texans D is severely compromised. He my be more essential than Watt, at this point. Last year Bouye was able to aid the D without Watt by locking people down. This year, without Watt (even though not 100%) Bouye and Merciless, this D, even with Clowney, will get exposed. However, you should be fine this week, because Cleveland is challenged offensively - to put it mildly. Going forward, it’d look elsewhere for D.


You are the best, thanks! Ill keep my eye on it next week :+1: