How could I make my team even better?

Im 2-3 now after Week 5 and feel like i got some problems:

QB: Watson
RB: Gurley
WR: Evans
WR: Fuller V
TE: Njoku
Flex: Carson
D/ST: Titans
K: Butker


Michael Thomas
Trey Burton
Allen Robinson
Aaron Jones
Alshon Jeffrey
Kerryon Johnson

Yes I got 3 TE`s and i know i dont need it. When Engram was ruled out for a couple of weeks and Trey Burton was dropped at the same time(I felt like: I have to get him coz he’s a great TE). Now I got 3 good Tightends and dunno what to do with them…

Waiver-Options I`m interested in:

Ronald Jones
Alfred Blue

Tyler Boyd

(but I feel like i dont rly need WRs)
Also im looking for a new D but dunno which one

So what should I do with this team (Its an 8 man half ppr league)

Thank you guys

No idea why MT would be on your bench. He’s a stud. You plug and play him every week.

Not sure what this is based on. Been 5 weeks and he’s done nothing to show he’s a great TE. Other than the footballers giving him a funny nick name, not sure what else justifies him being labeled as a great TE. Having Njoku ROS is fine. No need to carry all 3.

Kind of shocked at how thin your waivers are giving it’s an 8 man league. I might stash Drake/Boyd but that’s about it.

MT is on my Bench because the Saints next week have their Bye

And what I have to say about Trey Burton:
He 's scoring consistency (except week 2) and got already 2 TD receptions - why does that mean “he’s done nothing”? Yes ofc he’s no Zach Ertz, Travis Kelce or Rob Gronkowski but in my opinion he’s a solid TE2.
And somehow I dont feel rly confident with Engream this Season

That are my thoughts

I’ll try out to get Drake or Boyd - lets see whats possible

Oh wow already set your line ups for next week. Very nice. I thought that was like your current line up.

2 catches or less isn’t really cutting it for me tbh. Might improve going forward but there’s some other guys I prefer. Just wouldn’t classify as a “great TE”. Just a lot more better options out there. Off the top of my head, guys I’d rather have ROS: Njoku, Howard/brate, Doyle/Ebron, Kittle, Rudolph.

And i’d rather have Engram when healthy over burton. Outside of that, most likely just a stream game anyway.

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alright thanks for your opinion
You’r right… I didnt checked the receptions…
Let’s see what I can change and hope it’ll work out well for me :slight_smile:
I’m aiming for Boyd and Drake (or maybe Ronald Jones. Seems like hes finally getting work in Tampa)

Im going to drop Burton for Tyler Boyd
(I guess its not possible to trade him coz nobody needs a TE)
My other question is now:
Keep Kerryon Johnson or Pick up Drake?
Or maybe go for depth and get Ronald Jones?

Any ideas?