How crazy am I? QB question

Drafted Luck. He has been average, should I stick with Luck or just stream best matchup?

Because Fitzmagic is sitting on the wire now and after 800 yards and 8 TD’s, he is looking amazing. Is he for real this season? His matchups going forward the next couple weeks look good.

I’m staring down the same decision, but I think the move is to hold with Luck. He’s two games back from a long absence and is probably getting back into the swing of things. Luck is a far superior talent to Fitz (though love the man’s swag), and his upside is top 5.

Yeah, I agree Luck is a more talented QB but Fitz just dropped 400 and 4 on the EAGLES, if it was just a terrible defense I would probably not even think about it but he has the green light to take the top off the defense while Luck seems to mostly be short to intermediate throws.

And even though I REALLY hate holding two QBs on my roster. Morris looks like an easy drop right now, so I could probably do that and hold both?

Yea if you have a burner spot why not?

In the same boat except I’ve got bum leg Rodgers… Fitzmagic on the wire and I’ve got # 1 waiver spot… thinking about dropping Tyrod and picking up Fitzmagic…