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How crazy am I? Trade idea


Package Tom Brady with Crabtree and receive drew Brees and ty Hilton? I like brees’s schedule going forward and ty will get back to form when luck shows up? Thoughts? Do I ask for more?


I don’t like it at all. Brady is on absolute fire and is pretty much matchup proof. Bree’s struggles on the road. Crabtree has been on fire as well and aside from this last week’s dud, I think he’ll be just fine. I wouldn’t make this trade if I were you.


True true, just trying to get TY because I could use a #1 WR on my roster now after losing DJ. Thanks for the help!


What about this? Just exploring all options? Tom Brady & Todd Gurley to get Hunt, dez Bryant and Russ Wilson? Do I try offering that and see if they bite?


I would be ok with the Brady/Gurley for Dez, Hunt and Russ. I’m not huge on Russ by any means but if he can get you 40-50 yards rushing a game, then you are set. Gurley has a brutal stretch coming up so I wouldn’t mind you shipping him off especially if you can get Hunt.


I’d stay away from Wilson. His o-line is one of the worst in the league. Brady or Brees will do much better.


I think you’re downgrading two positions