How crazy am I?

My current team
Qb: Fitzpatrick
RB: Melvin Gordon, fournette, Breida, k Johnson, m Davis
Wr: John Brown, Calvin Ridley, ty hilton, mvs, Baldwin
Te: njoku, ebron

I’m 4-5 in 8th place with second lowest score in the league. The league settings are ties go to higher point scorer. So I’m at a huge disadvantage to make the 4 team play off even though I’m only 1 game behind 3rd place. I just got a trade offer for David Johnson and Keenan Allen, I countered with ty hilton Melvin Gordon and ebron for dj Allen and mike Evans. Am I crazy for offering this? I know I shouldn’t sell my stud mr Gordon but my reasoning is I need players with some what reliable high cielings. All 3 of his players has a good Ros schedule. I feel like I have to gamble on this instead of guessing which one of my wide receivers will have a good week.

Then I can have

Every week starters with high upside and just pray to the gods they don’t suck that week. And I can just rotate my flex of my other team. Or try packaging them with fitz or njoku to upgrade qb or te position.

I’m going to do the trade if he accepts, well I already sent it, I’m just curious to get some feed back from the footclan on my strategy

I wouldn’t swap Gordon for David Johnson personally.
Keenan Allen may not have his break out this year like last year, especially with 2 see threats in the Williams’ twins there now, and with Evans, I dunno, there’s a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa.
Try trade one of Breida or Kerryon and a WR or 2 for a stud WR

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Thanks for the feed bad. I know I in my head not swap out Gordon for dj but my body MY BODY keeps telling me dj is about to break out. Maybe it’s cuz I own him in another leauge, maybe it’s cuz his ros schedule, maybe it’s the new offensive coordinator. I know the cardinals suck and they have a rookie qb and bad offensive life. But I can’t help but to feel like I need dj.

Yeah that is true I know mike Williams is a beast who will break out soon. Crap after looking at it and seeing that Keenan Allen has 1 td on the year while Gordon and mike Williams has a lot that really limits Keenan’s upside.

Mike Evans is a beast I’m not worried about him assuming fitzmagic comes in and takes over (which my qb situation is already gambling on)

Crap now I’m thinking of canceling this. You got a good idea maybe he will give me mike Evans for kerryon Johnson and Mvs or Ridley

Ok now let’s make this a lot more interesting. He had Adam thielin(spelling lol). Ima offer him Gordon and ebron (drop person) maybe even Baldwin Cuz we are from Seattle and I’m tired of his shit. For dj and thielin