How Crazy is This Idea? (3WRs, 1 Game)

Hear me out. Mahomes vs Lamar is going to probably be a crazy pass-heavy game, right?

I already have Lamar and Hollywood rostered and Mecole on the bench. Demarcus Robinson is available on the waiver. My higher-tiered WRs (Dede and Juju) have to adjust to QB changes.

How crazy an idea is it to stream Demarcus for the week and pray for a shootout?

Would definitely play both Hollywood and Robinson over Dede. Dede does not look like he is the guy in Jacksonville but I still believe he is the most talented receiver there.

And I do believe that game will be a shootout and one of the best games this year for fantasy.

It’s not insane but it’s an all or nothing sort of proposition. If the game ends up not being the shootout you expect then it could turn out bad. It’s something you want to do when you are an underdog against a powerful team to give yourself a shot.