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How’d I do and what next?


I’m the Aaron Rodgers owner in a full PPR league and I just traded Diggs and CJ Anderson for Jordy and Gillislee. How’d I do? Doesn’t go through till Tuesday but already accepted.

Also thoughts on offering AJ Green for either Mixon and Micheal Thomas or Mixon and Hilton. Hilton offer seems like a bit much for the current value, but I feel the Thomas trade would improve my team now. Trade would go through Tuesday if accepted. Just trying to add depth behind Hunt now and I still have Crabtree as a receiver.


If you could get Mixon and MT for Green that’s a steal. MT is right on the edge of the AJ tier of WR to me, so it’s basically a similar WR and Mixon for free. Plus you’d get MT after his bye. I would laugh in your face if you sent me that offer, but some may accept it.