How’d i do boys?

Alright so I’m in a 10 team half ppr league I had the 7th pick

DeAndre Hopkins
Mike Williams
GeRobinho Allison
Larry Fitzgerald
Curtis Samuel
Courtland Sutton

David Johnson
Kerryon Johnson
Phillip Lindsay
Devonta Freeman
Kallen Ballage
Austin Ekler

Greg Olsen

Russel Wilson
Dak Prescott

Texans kicker
Saints Def

What’s your guys opinion, I’m thinking I may need to upgrade my WR2

Also tight ends went way earlier and faster than I thought :sob::sob:

Bump :slight_smile: need an opinion

Your team is solid and I wouldn’t trade for WR2 yet wait to see how a couple of high potential guys play out in williams/samuel/sutton

Your TE is in a rough spot but so are at least 4-5 other teams and Greg O could be solid enough not to wreck your line up each week…

Yeah, one guy took Kelce and Ertz back to back rounds… which screwed his team in my opinion, but left the tight end slot a little meh right off the back

williams does make me feel a little weird as your WR2, but you did a fantastic job everywhere else. you are crazy deep at RB. like, so deep i have no idea how you were able to swindle your league haha. i would for sure look to move one of them or some WR help, but i still think you are pretty well set.

whats the starting roster like? 1QB 2RB 2WR 1FLEX 1TE?

Yeah that’s the set up exactly, people maybe some questionable calls for sure

One guy took pat Mahomes second pick of round one :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I was talking with someone about moving freeman and someone else for Theilen, just not sure who off my bench to get rid of or if he really wants too