How dangerous is moving back in the 1st

Dynasty offer, start up draft
I get 1.12, 2.01, 9.01
He gets 1.01, 2.12

It’s not dangerous as far as I’m concerned, but you can definitely get more than a 9th rounder for the number 1 overall. I wouldn’t take any less than a 6th. Either that or instead of your 2.12 offer your 4th or 5th round pick and scratch the 9th

He countered:
I get 1.12, 2.01, 5.01, 9.01, 2019 First
I give up 1.01, 2.12, 4.01

Is this better or worse than the original?

The 2019 1st evens it out better. Obviously you will want to hope he finishes near the bottom. I think you got a good deal going if you want it. But obviously you are still in great position if you do nothing and take Gurley or whomever haha. Good job!

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I’d pass on that trade.

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How close do you think this is? Cause I accepted it… :flushed:

The dropoff from 4.01 to 5.01 is pretty huge for me. Massive tier drop in skilled position player. And then the dropoff for 1.01 to 1.12 far exceeds the dropoff from 2.01 to 2.12. So you lose pretty huge on those two and the 2019 1st and a 9th round pick helps but doesn’t make up for enough ground imo. Talent in the 5th to 6th rounds don’t really cut it for me. Tier drop is pretty big IMO.

I don’t think you got ripped off or anything but if you think about the players you would get at those positions, its not a trade I would make.

1.01 = OBJ (personally) or Gurley like most people who been going RB heavy, 2.12 = Mixon/CMac/Diggs/Freeman, 4.01 = Guice/Corey Davis/Engram

1.12/2.01 = 2 of Evans/JJ/Adams/Allen
5.01 = Russell Wilson, Watkins, Chubb
9.01 = Some bench stash / potential flex play like a Pettis/Washington/Gesicki
2019 1st - likely mid/late rounder given what he’s getting above

It’s not entirely lobsided but just isn’t really a trade I would want to make personally. At every tier of that trade, you’re taking a huge downgrade and all you really get in return is a 2019 1st and bench /depth stash.

Best advice is to play for the future the ?.. forget about Julio and snag youth at receiver? Then target Kerryon, and RB’s with my 1st next year.

Where I stand now is I have 3 First round picks in 2019. And my draft order is as follows.


Possibly bundle those picks in the 5-6 range?

After making the mistake of trading back last night… I have a trade in the works to help offset it a bit. Hopefully.

I can get 2.07, 3.07

For my 2.01, 5.05

What do you think?

I get 2.07, 3.07, 4.07, 2019 1st

I give 2.01, 5.05, 5.12, 6.01, 13.02

I’d be fine with that trade