How did I do from the 10 Spot. Rate my draft

12 team, PPR. I drafted from 10 spot. Mostert and Swift fell to me at great value, I figure if one of them blows up week 1 I can trade to someone desperate for an RB and get a top 15 WR.

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When did Julio go? Personally I don’t love the Drake Mixon combo, but it depends who is available. If Julio is there as he is often is, I like him as a draft late in the round pick.

The thing that stands is not the draft, but the bench size, I’m curious what’s the logic for that?

I agree with the Julio take, he went at the 2.6 spot. We did extra bench spots to anticipate losing players to covid.

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I like it but if you plan on trading one of those two for top WR, I would say look for adding one of your farther back WRs and see about getting a backup RB in return as well. Given covid and your better depth at WR if you trade one of your good RB backups.
Like your draft overall, only difference between us in these would be my adding more RB backups but don’t know where value was and like your team. Good Luck! (also great name!-from a green mountain boy)

I was able to trade Mostert/Hilton for Evans/Ertz.