How did I do from the 7 spot?

12 team, dynasty startup. Half ppr, TE premium (1.5 ppr).

Imo your first three picks are GREAT but everything after feels like a reach

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I like your team overall, but not your RBs. Hunt is not an ideal RB2 for a dynasty squad. Given the TE premium is a full point, I imagine one you will be flexing one of your TEs rather than Gordon, so you may be able to stream Hunt or Gordon. I don’t Sanders longevity or workload for your RB1 either.

I also think you drafted too many QBs, especially since invested early in Jackson and Lance.

My suggestion would be to see about packaging some players to upgrade your RBs. Specifically, try to move L. Thomas given his age and the TE premium. I’d also consider moving Deebo given his inability to stay healthy. You can downplay/avoid that aspect to a trade partner by saying you’re only looking to trade him because you already have Kittle and Lance and want less exposure to SF.

I agree with @sspalding, solid foundation, but I have a hard time seeing the RB group winning you many weeks (the eye test is to have one guy at each position that will have multiple top 12 weeks per season).

Dynasty’s all about the long game though, so having a solid young WR/QB corps is a good place to be in. Trade for an RB or try to get some picks to draft RBs in 2022.