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How did I do in my draft?6th pick snake draft half point PPR

  1. Shady
  2. Murray
  3. Pryor
  4. Crabtree
  5. Montgomery
  6. M.Bryant
  7. Snead
  8. Riddick
  9. Decker
  10. McFadden
  11. D.Parker
  12. Ertz
  13. Cousins
  14. Kamara
  15. Jaron Brown
  16. K.White


How many teams?


12 teams …


i love your WR core because of its potential… i also hate your WR core because of the risks. and i think your backup RBs are a bit weak. otherwise, you have your steady point getters, and your win you weeks guys. its a solid balance of players that could turn into a REALLY good balance of players with a few things going your way.


I like it. I’m drafting in the same spot and would love for Murray to fall to me there.


do you think I should try to trade for more of a solid back up RB bench


If you can, do it. Rbs come and go so fast, having as solid of a core as you can is pretty important. You might be able to trade McFadden straight up to the zeke owner. For something ok. Nothing great probably. But just ok. Some depth.


I think you have 4 solid End. I’d consider packaging one of the lower tier ones with one of your plethora of WRs for a higher end RB. Something like Sneed and Monty for a higher end RB.


4 solid RBs*