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How did I do in my Draft


I’m in a 8 team Standard league I had the 6th pick
LeSean McCoy
Devonta Freeman
Jordan Howard
Alshon Jeffery
Michael Crabtree
Isiah Crowell
Sammy Watkins
Kelvin Benjamin
Martavis Bryant
Mike Gillislee
Tyreek Hill
Matt Stafford
Zach Ertz
Devante Parker


Your RBs are rock solid and deep. You may want to consider a 2 for 1 trade for 1 great WR to seal the deal. Maybe package the Crow and Watkins for a WR1.


I’ve thought of that what range of WR should I target. I could possibly get Green.


How about trading Crowell and any receiver for AJ?


I’m going to say the opposite of @nzkcae33 and say you’re RBs aren’t as good as you think.

The only one I’d have real faith in is Freeman, and I have McCoy and Howard in a 6-team dynasty. These two make me really nervous, and I’m not sure the offensive pieces around them will be strong enough for them to matter.

Gill is still injured and losing time to Rex (with snide comments from the coach), and the Crow will be on a bad team as well.

I’d love to be wrong, but I think this is your weakest position. You might want to explore trading Watkins to a RB deep team and get another RB on your roster.


Who do you have faith in at the RB position? Just curious


My apologies for the MASSIVE delay. Sometimes work can be of the DERP.

I’d be all over the lower end starting RBs and the questionable content ones. Martin is a good example here. I’d be okay with eating 3 weeks of losses IF Martin and the Bucs do something positive. I know I went 1-2 with Bell on suspension and then went 11-1 for the rest of the season due to picking up players that stuck and key matchups.

It will be a scrum depending on who you’re playing against, but the risk can pay off more in RBs than in WRs.


Dang… an 8 team league looks like so much fun. Big hitters down the board. I would deal one of your RB1s and try to pick up a solid WR1 too. I wouldn’t trust Alshon as my WR1.


I just sent Crowell and Watkins for Green. Hopefully I can get something done today


If he doesn’t bite I have a good feeling I can get Michael Thomas from his owner since he autopicked the draft because he couldn’t make it. I’m a bit more scared of Thomas than Green any thoughts?