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How did I do in my draft?


12 team PPR auction. Players were going CRAZY high (70-80) in the top tier so I tried to take advantage of value. I don’t think I did that well but I’m looking for advice on my next move. Thanks fellas

L. Miller
D. Woodhead
L. Fitzgerald
J. Edelman
E. Ebron
M. Crabtree
M. Gillislee
M. Bryant
T. Riddick
S. Diggs
T. West
J. Ross


I didn’t think you did to bad. Seems like you got solid players. I like your bench though having wood head and west maybe rough. Could be worse though


I have an auction draft coming up, but have never played. Any advice?


You’ve got a lot of WR2’s that are solid but maybe package 2 of them and go get a true WR1.


I wouldn’t be too excited about Miller as my RB1 or any or those WRs as my WR 1, but it does look like you found a lot of value. Time to consolidate it a bit. I’d definitely be looking to package a few players for studs other teams spent too much on, hamstringing their team.


after ours, I had a couple things that I took away.

  1. target a couple studs and go after them. They will be the backbone of your team.
  2. there is LOTS of value throughout auction drafts. Come up with a budget and after you claim your couple players, just wait it out and let everyone else spend their money on players who are over valued. I targeted crab, fitz, and Edelman. Yes, they are all super safe players (and that’s one of my regrets) but they were all a GREAT value in my draft.